Logic: An Introduction to

the Formal Study of Reasoning


John L. Pollock

This is a text for an introductory symbolic logic course. It is based upon an old text that I wrote in 1969, which is long out of print. But it modifies the approach of that book to reflect theoretical work that I have done on theorem proving in the OSCAR Project. The most important innovation is to formalize the use of bidirectional reasoning. The idea behind the book is that people use bidirectional reasoning naturally, but by making the students aware of their use of it and having them adopt a notation that keeps track of it, we make it easier for them to prove theorems in logic.

At this time I have no plans for publishing this book. There are too many logic texts already on the market to make that useful. So it will only be web-published. Anyone who wants to use this text is free to do so, either for their own use or as the text in a course. I ask only that you give me any useful feedback you may have.

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